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Greetings, passionate worker! Welcome to our artisan & handcrafter gathering community! If you are an artisan of any sort, or you make your own DIY products, this is the place for you! We have all you need to help you reach more customers with your work, as well as make great contacts with fair organizers, suppliers, resellers and hundreds of other handcrafters.

We strongly believe that the core of human work is to build a better world and strengthen the bonds between coworkers, so here we provide a platform for artisans to get in contact with each other and access better commercial opportunities. We know that a lot of the productive system has been industrialized and that it is really difficult for an independent handcrafter to insert his or her products in the market, so we want to give you all a helping hand. We believe in the value of your work, we know that all you do is unique and very special, and for that reason, we want to aid you so you can reach a wider public and sell or exchange your products. All our tools and resources are at your service, so take a look around and make good use of all we have to offer! Feel at home, and welcome to Fair Trade at Work!

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We have contacts with fair organizers, shop owners, retailers & wholesalers, and many other people of interest for independent or organized handcrafters. Also, members of our community collaborate with each other sharing tutorials, instructives and ideas for making beautiful objects with different techniques. With all of this resources, we regularly update our news section. Please, feel free to check our articles. You will learn lots of useful tricks and you will also be up to date with the latest opportunities for artisans!

If you want to become a contributor to our news section, you can do it in no time! Call us or write through our contact form! We are constantly expanding our network of contributors, so if you prove that you have something to offer to the community, you can be sure that you will have a place to do so here! 

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If you are a passionate artisan who wants to show and offer his or her creations to the world, this is the perfect place for you. You can become part of our community in a matter of minutes! We are always open to new members and contributors, so we will be happy to hear from you. Write to us and tell us more about your work, and what you would like to achieve with it. We will help you reach your goals! Our growing community of handcrafters is waiting for you. We believe in the value of your work and in all your potential because we are artisans too and we understand the love that someone can put in their work. Contact us now!

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